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Classic lab: preparation extraction with percolation and maceration method (for laboratory, pilot and industrial)

preparation essential oils with Clevenger apparatus and different methods (for laboratory, pilot and industrial)
macro wave extraction set for preparation extract and essential oils (for laboratory)
Rotary evaporation set for separation extracts solvent
Freeze dryer set for remove extracts water
Solvent Distiller for solvent recovery (for laboratory, pilot and industrial)
Phytochemical and chemical analysis of herbal distillates, extracts, essential oils and flavors
Chemical analysis of raw materials and food products and beverages
Chemical analysis of Waters and beverages
Chemical analysis of pharmaceutical and cosmetic
Physical Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
detection of natural essential oils from synthetic essential oils
Determination of essential oils in the fresh plant, extracts, dry extracts, synthetic flavors and flavors
Determine the moisture content of the fresh plant, dried, extracts, essential oils, synthetic flavors and flavors
drug formulations and Physical and chemical analysis devices
Preparation reference and working standards with chromatography method required companies and students
Identification and separation  of alkaloids
Derivative fats
Perform kinds of samples preparations

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