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Stomach and liver strengthening+nausea and vomiting+Eliminating food poisoning+Anti flatulence+Improve memory+wind breaker

Cloves Properties:

Its main components include: sugars (50-70%), fats (3 to 18%), oleruzine (4-5.5%), and caustic compounds (1-3%).
The chemical compounds derived from the analysis of ginger essential oils of alpha pinin, camphon, beta-pinene, cineol, linalool, boraneol, terpinole, niral, noral, geraniol, geranyl acetate, bisabolin and zinjiburne

Stomach and liver strengthening

Anti-nausea and vomiting

Elimination of food poisoning


Memory Improvement

wind breaker

Labels : stomach and liver strengthening nausea and vomiting eliminating food poisoning anti flatulence improve memory wind breaker

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