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Nerve Strengthening+appetizing+properties of bitter orange+anti coughing

Sweetening properties of bitter orange:

 * The most important medicinal property of the sweat of the orange spring is its effect on the nervous system of the body. The relaxing orange spring relaxes the nervous system and alleviates migraine headaches.

 * The orange spring sweat is very effective in stomach uplift, and the irregular heartbeat of the heart eliminates anxiety and anxiety.

 * To control seizures and heart attacks, they also recommend the sweat of the bitter orange.

 * If you have a problem with sleep or insomnia, be sure to drink some orange tea or tea before bedtime.

 * appetizing and anti-coughing.

 * bitter Orange sweat is used to soften the dry skin and prevent the fragility of the capillaries.

 * Taken flower An bitter orange tree is useful for removing nerve sprains.

 * A mixture of celery juice and bitter orange is used to remove kidney and bladder stones and crushing them.

 * The fresh bitter orange sweat is used to provide distilled water to the orange spring. Dried spring orange spring is used as anticonvulsant in neurological diseases such as hysteria, weakness of the nerves.

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