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Increase mother milk+wind breaker+properties of fennel+fennel

The benefits of fennel sweat:

Fennel sweat causes fattening of the thin limbs of women. It actually plays a role in the development of secondary sexual characteristics of women.
Fennel sweat is an enhancement of libido in women.

Fennel sweat is essential for treating hirsutism (hair loss in the face and limbs of women), and taking 40 to 120 days of it will thinning and reducing unwanted hair loss.

Fennel sweat is very effective in treating many types of mental illnesses and depressions in women.

Reducing nausea and vomiting is another characteristic of this sweat

Another benefit of fennel sweat helps to improve digestion, increase appetite and improve abdominal pain.

The fennel sweat increases the sight.

make the skin refreshing and eliminate the wrinkles of the skin and the face of women.

Fennel sweat is an ever-essential drug in the treatment of diseases associated with colds in women.
Note: Fennel sweat in warm-blooded women can increase blood pressure and inflammation.

Flavonoids in fennel seeds increase the amount of estrogen and increase the breast of women.

Fennel contains a mild type of estrogen that increases breast milk during breastfeeding, but its high consumption may also have a reversible effect.

Note: Talk to your doctor before taking any herbal remedy during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

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